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Pan Hata s manželkou Yoko je akademický malíř z Nagoye a pro nás zajišťuje japonské aukce.
Zleva Shibata Shoji a Shibata Osama s manželkou. Pro nás obstarávají starožitné lampy.
Oběd s obchodními přáteli. V popředí v brýlích pan Yoshida, náš agent pro vývoz z Japonska.
Mieko Sugiyama s dcerou. Náš japonský pokoj vybavily futony (přikrývky) a zabutony (polštáře).

Společné foto s panem Harahatou, architektem našeho japonského pokoje.

Where goods from our shop is from

14th September 2009

Information about where goods, which are presented on our webpages, are from.

Historical artefacts, which we offer on this webpage, in our shop in Jesenice and which we will sell at auctions, come, of course, from Japan. As it was said in the article that introduced this project, thanks to building my house, garden and Japanese room I met a lot of people, who gradually started to take me to places, where antiquities are being sold and bought. It means all sorts of shops, markets, eventually local auctions in various places in Japan. In these places thanks to my Japanese friends I had the chance to meet not only with business in itself, but also with many people, who sell these antiquities and have extent knowledge in the field of antiquities. Our goods do not come only from one place. As it is in the Czech Republic there are various regions in Japan as well and every single region has its cultural history and had different conditions, which people used to live in. That is the reason why the traditional things that they produced and used differ from place to place.    

Rear, but precious possibility how to get really valuable pieces of antiquities is to meet people, who are deeply interested in antiquities and they possibly own some historical and art objects, which cannot be even seen in common commercial world. Even these  objects we would like to buy and thanks to the project „Japonsko v Cechach“ bring them in the Czech Republic for You.

Our activities are not only about business, buying and selling. They are as well about the fact that thanks to the developing structure of connection in Japan we get deeper and deeper to the world of Japanese antiquities and we choose the artefacts with our hearts and with the idea that in our country THIS artefact can make somebody happy. The import of Japanese artefacts is really not only matter of business, it is also matter of pleasure, humidity towards history of the country, which we are interested in, and endeavour to learn from historical sources, which these objects accompain, something more about lives of Japanese.

If there is anyone among You, who was active in this field, he/she knows, that buying antiquities is even a matter of falling love in given piece. The piece that You simply must have and would like to enjoy its beauty and history. I am one of such fans. That is why I am not really sure if I will sell the soldier‘s hat, which we offer in the category “others“, even it is in the offer now. Maybe I will keep it, because I heard from my friends that in the region I bought this one there was not any another soldier‘s hat like this anymore!

I am not doing this project just for myself, I try to work for people, who are really deeply interested, I would like to stress the word really, in Japan, which they love as the same as I do. In Japan there are many areas, possibilities and beautiful antiquities, which I would like to bring to people I have already spoken about. All these things depend, of course, on interest and approach of Czech people towards this project. In this project we count with the fact that people, who are really interested in Japan, its history, culture and life will tell us their concrete wishes and demands and would like to get a given antiquities, which they cannot buy anywhere. We would like to help even these people. However as I have already said, it should be people, who are really interested in Japan, its history love similarly as I do.

Jiri Trcka, Zelivec, Septemper 2009

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