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Mr. Hata's, our supplier's, antique shop. In the picture there is a collection of Hibachi.

Antique drum
Kokeshi dolls
Vase made from wood kiri, decorated with gold and vase made from bamboo.
Only part of offer of swords

Picture with the motif of Koi carp
Wooden antique cabinet
Heating device Hibachi decorated with pearl. Hand made.
150 year-old roof tile Kawara
Specimen of the wares of antique shop - kiln KAMA
Decorated porcelain bowl, hand made
Takarabune - Treasure ship
Trays for bonsai and suibana
Toyota car with hybrid drive, which I drove in Japan.
Also in Japan there are rest places


Very popular tanuki can be bought here as well.
Parked cars
Antique shop UJI, which is near to Kyoto

Owner of the shop
Gods, which have really very interesting look

With the owner of the shop

At this place I was taken picture 10 years ago too...

Decoration of chrysanthemums

House, which tea master Takeda live in

Artefacts from the collection, which belongs his father-in-low

Antique shop SHIGA near to Kyoto
In this shop we bought antiquities and works of art for You as well.
Samurai armor

Traffic sign plate, which is placed next to the Japanese highway
Driver's view

Autumn landscape- November 2009
Takayama - town, in which You can find not only antiquities but also buildings built in Edo period

200 year-old Japanese restaurant, which was built in Edo period

Next to the restaurant there was tsukubai

Reportage about our autumn visit of Japan, part 1

5th January 2010

We prepared a series of reportages about my November visit of Japan for those, who are interested in Japan, Japanese works of art and antiquities. This reportage is focused, among other things, on the places, where we seek and buy the most interesting artefacts for You.

My visit lasted for two weeks and now You can look at the photos, which I took during the trip.

For those, who really love Japan, Jiri Trcka. To be continued...

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Japan Antique is an unique project which allows you to take plaesure in the real and original art of Japan. We carefully pick stunning paintings, sculptures, porcelain and plenty of other articles especially for you and your enjoyment.