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Hotel in Okuhida area near to Nagoya city. This area is also called Japanese Alps.

Interior of the hotel...

Surroundigs of the hotel...

Another hotel in this area
Interior is decorated by historically valuable objects, which owners are partial to.

Garden, which is around the hotel

Other interesting places near by...

Scarved sculpture of nine Koi carps

Other pictures of garden and interior of the hotel...

History and objects, which are connected to it, can be, contrary to CR, seen everywhere in Japan.

Historical outdoor museum with tourist matter of interest
Eggs were boiling in this hot-spring. Everyone, who paid small fee, can get them.
Information about price of the egg is written here - 50 JPY
Traffic sign at the highway - I am going to Takayama direction.
Shop in the mountains

Newspaper printed in 1920 - valuable source of historical facts

Mountains at Okuhida area

Fancy wall-paper on the elevator's door

I also visited place, where medical product from animals were made
Even lake with Koi carp used for research was there.

Taxidermied animals

Stone, which very important raw materials can get from
Used to be brownstone house of samurai, who was leader of this area, nowadays hotel.

Entry and surroundings of the hotel

Antiquities and works of art, which belonged to him.

Nowadays this TANUKI is part of my collection.

This decorated roof is a symbol of standing of samurai.

View of river in autumn. In spring there will be a lot of water in it.

Small golf course
Glasshouse, where untypical fruit - DRAGON fruit - was grown.

Detail of kinds and fruits of dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is fruit of few variety of cactus.

River once more...
... and it's regulation
Very interestingly decorated door
Detail of decoration

Pictures for bonsai fans...

On my journey I met owner of confectionery, who had been studying in Swiss.
With her husband

Reportage about our autumn visit of Japan, part 2

7th February 2010

We prepared a second part of series of reportages about my November visit of Japan for those, who are interested in Japan, Japanese works of art and antiquities.

Please look at the next part of the photos, which I made during my fortnightly visit of Japan for You. These pictures show as well Japanese artefacts as nature, people and culture.

For those, who really love Japan, Jiri Trcka. To be continued...

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