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From Japanese Alps my journey led to Matsumoto and Nagano. One of the guidepost.

Traffic mark, which marks the necessity to change summer tyres to winter ones.

Among others there is exhibited our book Japonsko v Cechach, which I gave to owner.
Far-famed restaurant in Niigata. I would recommend to visit it to everyone, who comes here.
Meal is really delicious there.
Interior of the restaurant.
Market in Niigata prefecture.

Antiquities from the shop in Ojia, which will be available in our shop in June.

The oldest restaurant, which is run in Ojia, is 150 years old.
The old stone, which symbolized the traditional Japanese bull, cracked during last earthquake.
Railings on the road mark place, which is being rebuilt...

Ceramics from Nagaoka
With owner of local restaurant
I was really regaled there.
Antique shop in Nagoya.

Owner of antique shop.

Navigation - I'm going to Wakura, place by the sea, which is famous of spas.

Unusual policeman

Navigation - plan of the route from Wakura to Takayamy

Takayama - antique shop

Then I was going to Nagoya
Beautiful autumn mountains' landscape...
Traffic mark, which is warning that local animals can suddenly cross the road...

Shops, which sell stones in Wagoya city, offer this majestic stone lake as well.

I was charmed by it's perct shape and fascinating cavern, so I'm thinking about buying it.

The price of this stone with small lake is 6.000.000 YPN.
View of very interesting antique shop's offer...

Mr. Yoshida during dinner, which we had together at the end of my trip.
In the menu there was even raw fish, which was once cut and then once more put together.
Pictures from Tokoyamy, which was my last stop befor going home...

Japanese dog Shiba

The seven gods of fortune...

Reportage about our autumn visit of Japan, part 3

30th March 2010

The last part of the photo reportage about our autumn visit of Japan is here. The main aims of this visit  was to buy the unique Japanese antiquities and works of art.

When something ends there is always something waiting to begin. Our story about our autumn trip to Japan, during which we bought a lot of new goods, which we are going to offer You at the beginning of June, is ending with this last part of pictures. However we are going to write new articles about our next business trip, which we have already been planning...

For all those, who love Japan, Jiri Trcka.

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