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Takarabune - Treasure Ship

30th December 2009

Japanese beginning of the year, especially the very first nights, was connected with Takarabune - Treasure Ship.

Takarabune -Loď pokladů

According to the legend during the first three days of new year Seven Lucky Gods become sailors and start on a journey from the world of gods to people's world. It is said that they have hat of invisibility, rolls of brocade, never-empty purse, scrolls, Daikoku's magic mallet, lucky raincoat and other very useful things on the board.

Japanese used to put under their pillow a picture of this seven aboard their treasure ship, because it was said that it can bring them lucky dream. And if they have a lucky dream during the first three nights of the new year, they will be lucky for the whole year.

Pavlína Stachová

Pavlína Stachová


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Kettle KAMA and portable brazier FURO No.722

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