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Japanese historical period: TAISHO (1912-1926)

4th September 2010

We are preparing a series of articles about each Japanese historical periods for those, who like Japanese antiquities. The second part is focused on Taisho period.

The most important event of this period is surely the World War I, which was historically from the Japanese point of view the „best“ one. Japan declared war on Germany on 23 rd September 1914 and entered war on the side of Great Britain. However in fact Japan participated in war minimally and in consequence this war had benign influence on Japanese economy. Japan supplied its allies with military material and even Asian countries were, because of cutting of supplies from Europe, depended on Japanese sources. And thus Japanese economy was blossoming.

Western powers were engaged with war and fell to manage to control the situation in Far East. So Japan as the most advanced and powerful country in that region could do whatever it wanted. Japan improved its position of power and annexed all German Pacific colonies, which were north of equator, and Schan-tung. They even presented the Twenty-one demands to China, which if China had been accepted it, would have basically made it one of the Japanese colony. However in this point America sprang to attention, but decided to solve this problem during the post-war Versailles peace conference that both of countries took part in as victorious powers. During this conference two very important documents were subscribed – Pact of four powers, which was concluded among America, Great Britain, Japan and France and forced them to keep status quo in Pacific colonies. The second document was the pact of nine powers, which should have guaranteed peace to China and let her establish new government. Thus the colonial status quo was not changed and China managed to keep sovereignty and state integrity, although Japan tried hard to change this fact.

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