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Japanese historical period: HEISEI (od 1989)

11st September 2010

We are preparing a series of articles about each Japanese historical periods for those, who like Japanese antiquities. The fourth part is focused on Heisei period.

In Japan nineties of last century is primarily connected with so-called overheating of Japanese economy. It was caused, because general trust in increases in Japanese economy pushed up the prices of shares and land. However central bank was simultaneously keeping interest rate very low, thus many of investments were financed by cheap loans. That is the reason why investors with the idea of huge profits continued to invest money in land and shares. However at that time their market prices much exceeded their real values. Ministry of finance was afraid of overheating economy and decided to intervene in this situation and put up the interest rate from 2,5% to 6%. The big investors realized that the prices will not rise anymore and started to sell them on a mass scale and that lead to steep fall in their prices. Many of clients, who borrowed money for their investments in banks, were not able to repay debts and that lead to bankruptcy of many firms and banks as well. Japanese government and central bank tried to stave off disaster, but was not successful, so-called “bubble” had already burst and Japanese economy got in the crisis, which lead to several years of economic recession. Although Japan managed to get out of it, also nowadays prime minister Kan’s cabinet faces many, not only economic problems. The main problems are above all low birth rate, presence of American soldiers in Okinawa, empowering China as a rival in the area of Far East, disputes with Russia about territory, or the rights of foreigners.

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Pavlina Stachova

Pavlína Stachová

Made in period Heisei We offer e.g.:
Asian landscape made from ivory
Granite Tsukubai with inscriptions
Cester with the motif of Seven Lucky Gods, bronze
Gods DAIKOKU and EBISU, invory
Atrapa meče

Kettle KAMA and portable brazier FURO
Japanese doll
Hanging scroll
Hanging scroll

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