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Jídelní set skládající se z misek a pohárku  - keramika SHINO
Keramika MINGEI
Talířek s motivy ptáků - keramika NABESHIMA

Japanese ceramics, 4. part

18. června 2012

Final talk about the art of Japanese masters producing unique pottery and porcelain ...


This Japanese stoneware is characterized by a strong white feldspar glaze and simple podglazurovými decors. Workshops were put into operation in the late 16th Mino century and the name is probably derived from the famous tea master Sino Šóašima.


Japanese term for creating pololidových workshops that in remote areas (Ondo, Karachi, Masika, etc.) creates ceramics based on traditional technologies and materials from local sources (mingei = folk art). Temporarily formed products only for local domestic use, in the second quarter of this century have come thanks to enlightened artists and experts on the world map. Workshops have become college domestic and foreign artists, and many of the local artists achieved the status of "living national treasure".


Very interesting and popular Land of the Rising Sun Japanese earthenware was decorated with enamels and gold and produced from the 17th century in several workshops in Kyoto Kiyomizu district.


Japanese porcelain was produced from about 1660 in Ariti Nabešimi under the patronage of the Prince and his home was designed to determine the aristocracy. Excelled perfection shaping technology design, high culture and elegance of the decor colors, which dominated podglazurované beautiful shades of blue.

Vera Trčková, Želivec

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