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Project "Japonsko v Cechach" - Introduction

12nd Sepember 2009

Do You like Japan, its culture or history? If You answered yes, please, look at what we prepared for You...

I started to think about the project „Japonsko v Cechach“ already when I was building my house, designing my garden around it and creating Japanese room, which You could see in the magazine „Bonsaje a japonske zahrady“, on the server bonsai-dnes.cz or in the book „Japonsko v Cechach“, which we published on our own expenses last year. I was dreaming my big dream that I create small Japan at home, in the Czech Republic. When my Japanese friends, who helped me, saw that I am interested in thing, which belong to traditional Japanese room, that means antiquities, they started to take me to places, where these historical artefacts are offered. Simply I started to learn about Japanese history and I felt that it fills me. In old vessels, tea-kettles and other artefacts I saw not only history of Land of the Rising Sun, but also tradition and features of Japanese culture. I was more and more interested in these things as well from philosophical point of view and I asked my friends to take me to the places, where these artefacts are concentrated, eventually they can be bought and brought to the Czech Republic.

Many people, who I met at the beginning of this project, ask me, why I chose the field of Japanese antiquities. So I will try to tell my story in few sentences now. Roughly twenty years ago I started to love Japanese carps Koi. I tried to find out, where I can buy them, how to breed them, I built my first small lake and then I logically started to be interested in garden architecture, tree shaping, stones, simply everything that is connected with this field. And the more man is interested in these things the more he is thinking about them and tries to find the answers to historical and philosophical connections and then there is just a small step to Japanese antiquities and historically valuable artefacts. Here I would like to correct information about activity of Rinko LLC in the field of realization of gardens. These activities will be done by my daughter Lucie and I would like to focus only on the field of Japanese antiquities.

It is important to outline what the „output“ of the project Japonsko v Cechach are. There are two areas, which relate to each other, but they can have their own „output“ as well. The first area is this webpage, which we will put information, articles, expert advices and offers of Japanese historical artefacts on. The another area is auctions, as well as Czech as foreign ones, which I will regularly put our artefact on. In the area of auctions we would like to cooperate with Prague auction room Dorotheum.

As You can see the project „Japonsko v Cechach“ is created to bring pleasure to everyone, who really loves the country…

Jiri Trcka, Zelivec, September 2009

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