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Dřevěná kamínky Hibači s přepravním boxem a hůlkami
Kovová Hibači

Collection of Japanese heating device - Hibachi

1st February 2010

Our next offer is focused on traditional heating device Hibachi, which we introduce in completly new collection of several dickers...

HIBACHI is a term, which refers to portable charcoal brazier that serves as a source of heat.  Although it is strongly associated with Japan, the hibachi originated in China, where hibachi was used to heat the homes of the nobility. It is not known when the hibachi was first used in Japan, but written records suggest that it could be during the Heian period ( 798-1185AD ). Owing to the low availability of metal in China and Japan, early hibachi were made from whitewood and lined with clay. However, craftsmen soon began to make other versions too. For example hibachi with metal inner part and case from wood, whereas thanks to lightness wood from paulownia tree, the tree, which is not so well-known in the Czech Republic, was used. To create other decorative parts of hibachi e.g. gold leaves and other artistic embellishments were used. As time has passed hibachi has shaped and nowadays we can admire as well as wooden as ceramic and metal versions. Traditional hibachi are often sold as antiques today. They were originally used mainly by the highest classes of Japanese society, but gradually spread among ordinary people too.

For majority of us the hibachi are tightly connected with the task of heating houses, but their usage was historically about a lot of broader. For example they were used as still burning source of fire or portable stove for Japanese troops during World War II. And if we had had the chance to return in time we could have seen them in waiting rooms at train stations, where they were gradually replaced my more modern technology – oil heaters. However in minds of Japanese they remain till these days and it can be said that they have become one of the national traditions.

If You are interested in heating device Hibachi, please, look at following page, where THE COMPLETE OFFER OF WOODEN AND METAL HIBACHI, including actual news, is. We also insert the hibachi, which were part of our previous collection, there.

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